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When, where, why?

The list of uses below are just a few of our suggestions, but there are many more occasions when Shewee will prove invaluable…
General uses
  • When faced with a grubby public toilet
  • In foreign countries with unconventional facilities
  • When giving a specimen for medical testing
  • When you are stuck in traffic (a bottle would also be required!)
  • When on a long walk in the country
  • Elderly or disabled women who find bending difficult
Occupational uses
  • Women in the armed forces; camouflaged bottoms will no longer be necessary
  • Commercial drivers
  • Police Women
Hobby related uses
  • Campers
  • Skiers
  • Festival goers (we all know the stories about the toilets at festivals!)
  • Hikers/Ramblers
  • Boaters
  • Private aeroplane owners
  • Runners/joggers
  • Cyclists
  • Motorbikers
  • 4×4 enthusiats