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How to avoid festival toilets

Festival season is well and truly in full swing. This weekend will see the start of V-Festival, with Leeds and Reading Festivals following a week later. With headlining acts such as Beyonce, Eminem, Kings of Leon, Green Day and The Script, it’s not surprising that tickets have been selling fast.

Whether you are planning to take in the full “festival experience” and camp, or whether you prefer to escape to a B&B for a good night’s sleep, there is one place you will all need to visit…

…the dreaded festival toilet!!

The endless queues, the messy and overflowing toilet bowls and the distinct sun-baked “aroma” are often enough to fill even the most experienced of festival goers with dread.

Even if you have mastered the art of “hovering” to avoid coming into contact with the germ-laden toilet seat, you still have to negotiate your way out of the cubicle whilst touching as few surfaces as humanly possible.

Shewee have the solution.

Peebol is a pocket sized, disposable absorbent pouch capable of holding up to 1 litre of liquid. The absorbent granules inside the pouch convert any liquid into a gel in seconds. Peebols can also be used for the dreaded festival number 2. The pouches are sefest toiletalable, making them spill-proof and odour-free.

If the ladies out there are wondering how on earth to pee into a pouch without getting very messy or having to find somewhere private to undress, then take a look at Shewee, a urinating device that enables women to have a pee standing up, without having to remove any clothes. Coupled with a Peebol pack, Shewee will allow women to “go” wherever and whenever, still with dignity intact!

Shewee and Peebol are priceless for those of you who are planning to camp at night. You no longer have to stumble around in the dark trying to find the toilets (just follow your nose), and then having to relocate your tent amongst the sea of canvas. Instead, you can stay in the warm and private confines of your tent, safe in the knowledge that you are maintaining at least a basic level of hygiene.

Don’t let the festival toilet be the bane of your weekend. ..add Shewee and Peebol onto your festival checklist. You won’t regret it!!!!